Parent Coaching

Discover how taking on a new approach to parenting can help you build and enjoy better relationships with your child or young person

Parent Coaching

Consider how much better your home life would be if it were calmer, happier, and more enjoyable.

Do you want to help your child reach their full potential?

Do you want to make sure your child is prepared for anything life throws at them?

If so, I have developed an approach that will help you achieve your goals as a parent and provide you with a set of tools to help you overcome situations that may arise along the journey. Your child will then be more able to develop healthy behavioural flexibility for the rest of his or her life.

What Is Parent

Parent coaching is a form of counselling that helps parents understand how they can be successful parents with happier children. The goal of parent coaching is to help parents become more effective at parenting by reflecting on their relationship with their child, helping them to better understand their child and learn new skills. Parents who receive parent coaching often feel less stressed and more confident about raising their children.

Aspects of parent coaching

Parent coaching aims to help parents and their children live a healthy, joyful, and harmonious family life.

As you gain confidence in the abilities and strategies described in these courses, you automatically give your child more of them.

Aspects of parent coaching include:

Benefits of parent coaching & parent coaching techniques

We will cover how instead of reacting, we can learn better methods to respond to problems. Eliminate yelling and create a happier, calmer, and more inviting family dynamic. Find out how to be a firm, patient, yet caring parent. Maintain your composure in all parenting situations.

Over the years I have implemented evidence-based parent coaching techniques that work and have helped many individuals improve their family life for the better

Whether you’re a single parent or part of a large family, I have parent coaching strategies that help people in all situations.

Parent Coaching Can help with

Parent Coaching Options

One to one consultation in person or via Zoom

1 hour session

Investment £95 per session

A bespoke session which is tailored to your child and family’s needs. The difficulties you are facing will be discussed in depth and will include an exploration of thoughts, emotions and behaviours,  parent- child relationships, parental insights and any relevant history, context and environmental factors.

We will then work together to consider your aims and agree an action plan for how to reach these. This will include reflecting on patterns of relationships and how to strengthen your attachment, as well as helping your child with emotional regulation. I will share information to help you understand your child better, strategies to increase positive behaviours and decrease challenging behaviour.

The number of sessions recommended is tailored to you and your child’s needs. Some families need only an initial session and follow up session, others with more complex needs may need several sessions.

Online Anxiety Course

Investment £95 per course

This guide is available to purchase and follow at your own pace

The guide comprises 6 videos with reflective prompts and information sheets.

It provides you with information about anxiety including the possible causes, the stage of development where they are usually experienced as well as ideas and strategies to support your child

Parent coaching

We will explore your current difficulties and consider potential solutions during our sessions to help you define clear objectives.
I will support you to develop a positive, solution- focused, mindset so you can move forwards with more confidence and motivation as your child grows and develops.
I’ll be your sounding board as you discover the solutions which allow your family to thrive and enable you to become the parent you want to be

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