How to support your teenager as they grow and change

Advice and Information to help your teenager thrive

A webinar to share information with parents of teenagers and offer advice and strategies to help them support their emotional development.

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Helping your teenager as they grow and change webinar

How to support your teenager

To become more confident and independent

I will be covering brain development during the teenage years, how this impacts on their emotions and behaviour and why teenagers face specific challenges related to their developmental stage.

I will also cover approaches to enable you to support your teenager, reduce conflict, encourage independence and set clear boundaries.

It’s important to understand the reasons why teenagers feel and behave in certain ways as they navigate the changes which take place during adolescence. Having this knowledge helps to prevent communication difficulties, reduce conflict and enable you and your teenager to survive the teenage years and develop positive relationships for the future.

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Helping your teenager as they grow and change webinar

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