Helping Children
With Anxiety

From Toddler to Teenager - Register for this webinar to learn how to help children with anxiety

Understand the reasons why children have anxiety and how to take the right actions to help them overcome this.

Register for only £10 to Learn Tried & Tested Methods
to Help Your Child With Anxiety

Register for only £10

Learn Tried & Tested Methods to Help Children With Anxiety

Register Today For £10 &
Learn How To Help Children With Anxiety

Available 20th October at 7pm

Understanding Why

Guidance On How To Support

Learning New Approaches

Hello, I'm Anne and here is how my webinar can help

I will be covering the physiology of anxiety- why children get the symptoms they do and what is happening in the brain, as well as emotional responses and possible causes.

I will also cover communication strategies, managing emotional arousal, encouraging confidence and managing avoidance.

It’s important to get help early on so that it stops anxiety from getting worse and becoming more fixed. Using the right approaches can actually help children to stop being anxious- it’s not just about making them feel better.