A New Approach to

Discover how taking on a new approach to parenting can help you build and enjoy better relationships with
your child or young person

“Karen H”

" Anne genuinely listens then offers realistic support, advice and guidance. She is one of the most caring professionals I've ever had the pleasure to work alongside. "

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Helping you become the parent you want to be

How I Can Help


From tantrums and aggression to sibling rivalry and arguments, I help you to understand the reasons for behaviours and how to change these for the better


Overcoming worries through understanding how your child expresses anxiety and supporting you to increase their self confidence and resilience


I help you with your child or young person’s sleep difficulty whether it’s bedtime
arguments or waking during the night.

Together we can build a plan customised to
your needs


By working together on communication and listening skills, I help you to understand your child or young person’s emotions and how best to support them


Taking away worries over mealtimes by helping you understand the causes of eating difficulties and working with you to reach a more relaxed family experience


I help you and your child to overcome difficulties by understanding the underlying causes and how to overcome them

Who I Work With

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Schools & Nurseries

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What I do

With years of knowledge, qualifications and experience behind me, I work with parents to help and empower positive changes by speaking, teaching, writing & implementing.

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I speak

From Zoom to community halls, I offer friendly talks for all.

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I teach

Parent consultations, information sessions for groups and training for professionals.

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I write

I offer advice and information in my blog which is open to all.

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I support

I provide free videos on facebook.

About me

Understanding how small changes can make big differences in anyone's life.

Based in Stockport, I have succeeded over many years to help parents understand their children’s emotional difficulties and use this knowledge to better manage their behaviour. My qualifications and experience as a Parenting Service Manager, nurse, midwife and health visitor give me the understanding of child development and family dynamics to help you find your own solutions for your situation.

Happy children, happy clients.

“I found Anne at just the right time. My little girl was 6 years old when we started to work together. She had always been a very headstrong character with very high emotions and I put it down to me not being a very good mum We spent several sessions of her coaching me on how to be around her, how to praise her and keep calm, ignore the things that I would usually react to learn to adjust how I spoke into positive commands and things slowly but surely changed. A miracle happened- I am a much happier parent and the prize is a happier little girl.”

We’ve seen Anne for sleep and parenting advice and have seen improvements every time. Anne is reassuring, non-judgemental and makes you totally at ease. I’ve recommended Anne to several friends who have all had a similar experience.

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If you would like to find out more, please contact me and I will arrange a call with you for which there is no charge.
Let’s see how I can help you become the parent you want to be!